Legs for furniture, carved, smooth in stl format. 3D-models.

The author`s 3D models of furniture legs in stl format are presented: tables, slides, wardrobes, beds, sofas, sideboards, wardrobes, bedside tables, consoles, etc. For milling and CNC lathes. Most are cabriole legs.  Turning straight, carved, smooth, curved, curved models are presented. Each 3d model is unique, but in some you can see decorative elements that are found in famous European (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German) interiors. The legs were fabricated using partial scanning and modeling, or only 3D modeling. The most popular products are found in the interiors of the Baroque and Rococo styles. They are presented both without additional decor and decorated with floral ornaments (flowers, leaves, acanthus leaf). Scans of stl elements can be used as a separate decor on other products. Furniture supports in stl format can be made on: table, chair, wardrobe, bed, sofa, sideboard, camode, bedside table, console, coffee table and other furniture. 3D models of legs in STL format for lathes, milling machines with CNC in the Baroque, Rococo, Louis XIV, XV, XVI, Renaissance, Victorian styles will surely decorate the furniture of your exquisite, luxurious interior.