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3d models in STL format for CNC milling machines paid and free

      3d-model-stl.com -presents a professional solution to the problems of modeling elements of furniture, souvenirs, stairs, decor.
We are engaged in the production of 3d models for CNC milling machines and printers. All our models are distinguished by delicate aesthetic taste and good quality, which has always distinguished the author's creative manual work from mechanical work. Some models are executed by stl scanning from excellent finished products. Stl scans of furniture elements are made from carved decorative elements or stucco moldings.
          On our website 3d-model-stl.com a set of ready-made solutions for elements of furniture production and models for making souvenirs, stl models of magnets are presented. Talented furniture makers and wood carvers scanned by a scanner from author's works will attract your attention.

The site will be useful for manufacturers of designer furniture, craftsmen engaged in milling furniture elements on CNC machines, manufacturers of 3D models using 3D printers. Many models are made in the styles of Gothic, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance.

         The main directions of this Internet project are paid and free models: furniture, its elements, cornice, decor decoration, currency, mascarons, corner elements, door linings, flower baguette, strict, carved element, leaf pattern element, carved leaf, acanthus leaf decor , gothic element, art nouveau, baroque, rococo. Renaissance style, Art Nouveau composition, stair elements, carved balusters, carved entrance pillar, kosour edging, carved molding, floral baguette, from plant leaves, combined baguette, grape, straight baguette, inclined, geometric modeling, ovals, circles, rectangles , moldings with squares, triangles, narrow, high, low large patterns, patterns are small, simple, cheap, rich, beautiful, inexpensive to manufacture on a CNC milling machine, expensive, strict, artsy, door, on a table top, on a ledge, on doors, cornice, on a coffee table, a baguette on a cabinet, on a chair, on a bed, on a bookshelf, a baguette on a ledge. Souvenirs, figurines, gifts, 3D models, for the holidays, for a wedding, for a party, on the wall, framed souvenirs, bas-reliefs, cool, etc., legs of furniture, chairs, tables, beds, bedside tables, curved cabriole, console, straight , bent, with threaded elements, Louis XV style console tables, rosettes. Styles 3d models: baroque, rococo, victorian, english, colonial, gregorian, postcolonial, modern, gothic and others. Acanthus leaf is often found in Victorian interior decor.
And we can adapt any 3d model to your requirements
          In addition, you can order from us the production of an individual 3d model for CNC and 3d printer according to a sketch or photo.

          You can pay for a 3d model from the catalog or for an order using any of the details indicated on the website in the PAYMENT METHODS section

          You can download the models in the section: Free 3d models of STL format for CNC.