Оnlay 04 furniture stl format 3d-model | fancy escutcheon, plant decor.

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Оnlay 01 furniture stl format 3d-model | fancy escutcheon, floral decor. In the styles of baroque, rococo.

Decorative furniture strip is used as an applique. The acanthus plant decor is executed in the Baroque and Rococo style. As a rule, it is made of solid wood or MDF. Designed for CNC milling machines and 3d printers. Easy to manufacture. This model is used to decorate furniture. It can be an overlay on a cabinet door, an applique on a mirror, an element of office decor, an element of stucco molding on a wall or ceiling. An element of a luxurious, refined interior. At the request of the customer, it is possible to add (remove) decorative elements of the 3d model, scale by size, save in a convenient format: ArtCam (* .rlf), * .stl, * .obj, * .STLOBJ, * .ASCII, * .FBX, * .COLLADA, * .3DS, * .IGES, * .STEP, * .VRML / X3D, * .iv, * .wrl, * .prc, * .oogl, * .3da, * .dxf, * .wrp, * .pdf, (* .3D pdf) and others. )

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